Tikuanyin Tea

Tikuanyin Tea is one of China’s top ten tea production in Anxi County,Fujian province. Fujian Tikuanyin Tea is semi-fermented Oolong tea.It contains more amino acids,vitamins,minerals... Seen from appearance,like the head of the dragonfly,dry tea color,moisture.After the bubble,with the fragrance of orchid or peanut flavor,soup color is golden yellow,manure tea,thick,bright,shiny.Drinking with the sweet,delicions,after drinking,his mouth still sweet taste.

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Tikuanyin Tea

* Place of Origin: Fujian, China

* Packing:

Small Packing: 100g, 125g, 150g, 250g, 500g

Bulk Packing: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg  

Description of Tiekuanyin Tea

Tiekuanyin Tea is a traditional Chinese tea.

Tiekuanyin Tea is beautiful and full bodied with a fragrant flavor and fruity, sweet aroma.

Tiekuanyin Tea is a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea

Tiekuanyin Tea originated in the 19th century in Anxi in Fujian province

Tiekuanyin Tea is one of China's top ten teas.

The overall shape is like a dragonfly head with spiral body and frog legs 

Tiekuanyin Tea Aroma: Lasting fragrance with the natural fragrance of orchid

Details showTikuanyin Tea  Making Process of Tieguanyin Tea:It needs over 10 processes to make primary tea into made tea, including:Withering---drying---rocking---water-removing---rolling---first baking---crunching---baking again in slow fire etc.  The made tea is in curled strips, strong, heavy, with dragonfly head, lenitive luster, green with definite red spots, with hoar frosting on the leaves.  The soup appears golden, tastes mellow, sweet, and fresh, smells aromatic, and has a long reputation of “King of tea”, green leaves with red margin, lingering fragrance after seven infusions”.10 Health Benefit of Iron Goddess of Mercy1. resisting senility2. restraining atherosclerosis3. losing weight and building bodies4. keeping from bacteria and relieving diarrhea5. refreshing oneself and good for thinking6. protecting against cancer7. preventing and curing diabetes8. preventing decayed tooth9. clearing away heat and purging pathogenic fire10. sobering up oneself and resisting cigarette temptation

Details show

Tiekuanyin Tea




Making Process of Tiekuanyin Tea:

It needs over 10 processes to make primary tea into made tea, including:

Withering---drying---rocking---water-removing---rolling---first baking---crunching---baking again in slow fire etc.


 The made tea is in curled strips, strong, heavy, with dragonfly head, lenitive luster, green with definite red spots, 

with hoar frosting on the leaves. 


The soup appears golden, tastes mellow, sweet, and fresh, smells aromatic, and has a long reputation of 

“King of tea”, green leaves with red margin, lingering fragrance after seven infusions”.

10 Health Benefit of Tiekuanyin  Tea

1. resisting senility

2. restraining atherosclerosis

3. losing weight and building bodies

4. keeping from bacteria and relieving diarrhea

5. refreshing oneself and good for thinking

6. protecting against cancer

7. preventing and curing diabetes

8. preventing decayed tooth

9. clearing away heat and purging pathogenic fire

10. sobering up oneself and resisting cigarette temptation

How to Make Tea

When brewing Tie Guan Yin tea, use water around 212ºF (100ºC) and infuse the tea for 1-3 minutes. This particular Ti Kuan Yin can typically be brewed for 7 infusions.


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