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Rock Tea

*The Introduction of Rock Tea

In the north of Fujian province show a southeast area of Wuyishan, the growth of tea in a crack in the rock. With the fragrance of Wuyi Green Tea, Black Tea diethylene glycol, is the best China Oolong Tea. In Wuyi rock tea is a semi fermented tea, production methods ranged between Green Tea and Black Tea. The most famous Wuyi is Dahongpao Tea. We have professional planting base in Wuyi and could provide the premium rock tea for every clients. We are expecting become your long-term partner and realizing win-win strategy together.

* The Popular Rock Teas in the Market

Dahongpao,Cinnamon,Fenghuang Shui Xian Tea,Tie Guanyin Tea...

*Specifications of Rock Tea

Product Type: Oolong Tea (Green Tea)

Style:        Loose Tea

Age:          1-2 Years

Grade:        Premium

Material:     100% Natural Tea Leaf

Packaging:    Can, Box, Gift Package...

Origin:       Fujian, China 

Brand:        FORTOP/OEM

*The value and health function of Rock Tea

rock tea, oolong tea(green tea), Wuyi rock tea, Fujian China

It has a variety of vitamins, essential minerals, such as human cells indispensable potassium fluoride to protect teeth, but also rich in human essential amino acids and a variety of protein and fat, has the function of nourishing, it is water soluble sugar rarely, belonging to low calorie beverage 


1. Q: How can I choose the suitable tea for our market?

   A: We have professional tea salesperson, they will make appropriate recommendations and provide the exact purchase plan according to your demand.

2. Q: Can I get some samples?

   A: Sure, it's our honor to offer FREE SAMPLES to you.

3. Q: What is the delivery time?

   A: It's about 25-30 days after confirm order. 



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