Organic Waxberry Powder

Function of waxberry powder
Waxberry powder can reduce the levels of blood sugar
Waxberry powder can anti-tumor
Waxberry powder can affect the activation and proliferation of lymphocyte
Waxberry powder can low the neurotoxicity
Waxberry powder has good antioxidation
Waxberry powder has antagonism of platelet activiation factor(PAF)
Waxberry powder can protecting the liver

Product Details

Product Introduction of Waxberry 

Waxberry(the Chinese name Yang Mei) is also known as the Chinese bayberry, Waxberry or Chinese  Strawberry Tree.

In terms of its sweet and tart taste, the closest comparison would be pomegranate seeds.

The pulp contains 12-13% sugar, 0.5-1.1% acid, rich cellulose, vitamin, mineral element, pectin and kinds of aminophenol, as well as calcium, phosphor and iron, which are more than other fruits. Rich nutrition, natural and green healthcare product.

The waxberry is natural and non-pollution due to the production garden base are far away from cities, factories and high way.

Product Introduction of Organic Waxberry Powder

* Drying Process: Air Drying (AD) or Freeze Drying (FD) or Spray Drying(SD)

* Place of Origin: China

* Additive & Preservative: None

* Shelf Life: 24 Months

* MOQ: 500kgs

* Delivery: By Sea or By Air

Product Size of Organic Waxberry Powder


100% waxberry


particle size: 40-120 mesh, or as per clients  requirements;

moisture: 5%;

purity: 100%


a: 1kg/aluminum foil bag, carton outside;

b: 25kg/fiber drum;

c: as per clients  requirements


1. Q: How can I choose the suitable waxberry Powder for our market?

   A: We have professional salesperson, they will make appropriate recommendations and provide the exact purchase plan according to your demand.

2. Q: Can I get some samples?

   A: Sure, it's our honor to offer FREE SAMPLES to you.

3. Q: What is the delivery time?

   A: It's about 25-30 days after confirm order. 

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