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Ziyun, Guizhou Loquat Orchard Mu Hold Up, "rich Dreams"

Mar 05, 2016

Springtime and flowers. Bai Fu Yuan Cun shiyanxiang, Ziyun autonomous Xiang Wan Li, Guo Pengfei, Director of the loquat garden view circle, found that planting loquat began not long ago from the buds, Cecil smile on his face, adding farmers ' confidence.

On March 1, reporters start from Ziyun County, bus 20 minutes later to happiness Yuan Cun, yellow mud Fort, looking, how high a tree about two feet of loquat in Miao Li in the soil. "Oh, look! The loquat seedlings planted last month, blowing has started to sprout in the spring. "With a loquat seedlings after observing Guo Pengfei said excitedly, the loquat seedlings is full synchronization with poverty off the hopes of their village.

According to Bai Shiyan town mayor Kang Wu introduced, the Township of MU is relying on a new round of converting cropland to forest in loquat Orchard opportunity by implementing, Mu to happiness in loquat Orchard Park village as the Center, to the surrounding group, dry wells of villages such as radiation, started growing last winter, in the years before planting out in advance. In the cropland, Xiang broke the tradition of returning farmland to forests, the implementation for the "Thirteen-Five" key provides the benefit of strong industry support for poverty eradication. And in order to achieve the "exit" Industrial Park "exit" flower, "exit" landscape for the purpose of forming industrial park to benefit the people directly, forming landscape tourism benefits the people indirectly benefited, so that impoverished villagers to become rich.

"In cultivation, we first planned, implemented, Eriobotrya japonica blossoms after fruiting, form the landscape. "White said shiyanxiang Deputy Secretary Luo Ganghua, planting loquat orchards are all long Quan XING da Mu loquat seedlings, 2-3 fruiting, five years to harvest. In cultivation, in order to meet the standardized planting and survival rate of 90% per cent of the target, they requested the construction team uniform planting. In the management, which set up a special loquat cooperatives, cooperatives provide management services and technical; management is still the main farmer, if individual farmers reluctant management, cooperative cultivation of loquat on land, eventually benefiting farmers.

Loquat fruiting after dividends, profits will follow one or three, was presented into. "One" is the extraction part of 10% as a collective funds to solve the kongkecun problem, village Fund to undertake difficult social welfare, relief personnel; "three" is extracted 30% part of the revenue-generating cooperatives (Management Association), the costs of service management and technical guidance; "six" is the 60% part of the benefits to farmers ' income.