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Warmer Temperatures In Chongqing Fast Late-maturing Oranges In Advance Listing

Mar 05, 2016

Since mid-February, I fast, warmer temperatures, late maturing citrus listed ahead of a year earlier. 2nd, the reporter learned from the producing areas, farmers ' market and the Urban Council, I, late maturing citrus harvest this year, quality is better than in previous years, the current producer price has slipped from a, but the late may "tail".

At present, the critical period of spring ploughing makes preparations, local farmers were in the fields of "weeding" busy, "Orange town" farmer of Chang Sha Zhen kai is another story: one by one into the Orange Grove, happy-and late-maturing citrus harvest.

"I planted 4 acres ' Tarouco ' blood oranges, production, an increase of about 10%, fruit shape, taste is also significantly improved. "Zhao Kequan farmers said. At present, the purchase prices last year, although slightly down, 2-3 Yuan per kg, but yield increase, increase in his gross income.

In addition to kaixian County, longevity, Fuling, Zhong County, fengjie's blood orange, Murcott and other late maturing citrus also went on sale last year for more than half a month in advance. City Council of agriculture statistics, substantial increases in this season late-maturing Navel orange, listing amount increases, Murcott, blood orange and late-maturing Navel orange is expected to yield to 131,000 tons, 168,000 tons, 112,000 tons, as compared with 118.3%, 57%, 31.8%, begin business prices last year dropped slightly, but the quality is better than previous years, growers ' income space remains high.