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Special Inspection Of Zheng An Alcoholic Beverage Market In Guizhou

Mar 05, 2016

Reporter xiaochangchun from Guizhou on February 16, to further regulate liquor market order, strengthen circulation wine food regulatory, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, in zhengan County, Guizhou province, market supervision and administration carried out a special inspection of liquor market.

Check process in the, law enforcement personnel focus check has wine class business households of card as, and system, whether complete; whether established wine class distribution Taiwan account and wine class business cable votes voucher (containing with attached single,); whether exists sales fake, and "three no" wine class commodity or label identifies not meet provides, illegal business behavior; bulk wine costumes container whether meet national food health requirements,.

The special inspection has dispatched 16 law enforcement officers who check the liquor dealers of 35 households. The irregularities observed during the inspection, law enforcement personnel are on-site guidance, and release monitor submissions and ordered rectification. Through the inspection, more standard alcohol circulation market order, maintain wine producers, operators, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.