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Organic Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms

Nov 22, 2017

organic dried wood ear,organic black fungus.jpg

Black fungus is a nutrient-rich edible fungus, but also is Chinese traditional health food products and exports.There has many kinds of its alias, due to the growth in rotten wood, its shape resembling the human ear, hence the name is fungus; and looks like moth butterfly , so it also known as wood moth; because of its taste like chicken. There are two main fungus that people often to eat: one is ventral smooth, black, while the back hairy gray or gray brown, called the fungus (commonly known as wild fungus); the other is smooth on both sides, dark brown, translucent, called light fungus. mushrooms larger ears, but the rough texture, not easy to chew, poor taste , low prices. Light fungus flavors fresh, slippery with cool, nutritious, is a lot of artificial cultivation

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