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Loquat Fruit Production In Zhejiang Province Soared 100 Catty

Mar 05, 2016

Spring is coming, cargo began looking cherry, loquat, waxberry bombarded, peaches, oranges and other seasonal fresh fruit to taste buds.

However, mild winter and rainy last year, suffered another frigid day, extraordinary impact on the harvest fruits and vegetables this year. Eat to fill your belly, and may have to pay a lot of money this year.

Zhejiang loquat production 90% this year, white sand or sell 100 Yuan/kg

Winter flowering, summer is the result of loquat fruit tree. "Due to the early cold snap freeze effect, in addition to the 1000 acres of greenhouses and loquat keep, loquat production 90% in Zhejiang this year. 5~6 million tons of annual production of loquat in previous years, yields less than 5000 tonnes this year. ”

Loquat garden Chen Junwei, Chief expert, Academy researchers said yesterday he went to Tang qi to farmer training, found Hong pan village houses relative shelter from the freezing injury of fruit trees of the place is good, production this year is fair. However, farmers also reflects loquat didn't yield this year, only the white loquat fruit is the best, enough only to sell 100 Yuan/kg, the price is 3 times in previous years.

Compared with the long Tang Qi of loquat in the plain, Li long at an altitude of 70 meters on the slopes of the Lishui white loquat production and marketing cooperatives more than 1300 acres of loquat trees, almost suffered extinction.

On January 25, minimum temperatures close to-10 c in Lishui mountain area, loquat tree was the result of the flowers, all died within two or three days, causing white loquat in almost total destruction of the year, only 8 acres with 2000 pounds of loquat in greenhouse production.