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Japan Exports 3 Million Cans Of Mackerel Mixed With Canned Saury

Mar 05, 2016

Food Network of partners on March 3, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's Chiba Prefecture choshi city aquatic products processing company-tin cans, in 2014 and about 3 million cans of canned mackerel exports with mackerel, and even though more than half canned saury, nor to any identified the saury.

Economy, trade and industry said that the unfair competition Prevention Act will be developed so that consumers think food raw materials a false identity of penalties. The company said, due to lack of mackerel ingredients, plus delivery, use mackerel instead of mackerel, apologized to consumers and sales unit.

Crypto-brand canned saury is said to be facing the Middle East exports of mackerel, MADKHANAH, (95g). Fish is cut into sheets, from the appearance and taste of consumers is hard to distinguish. Side painted, canned mackerel and Yemen with salad and soup mix ingredients in the Middle East.

Tin can company is a subsidiary of Nagano city wholesale food company. Recently, the internal investigation food wholesale company, confirmed its mixed in with the saury, and found from 2014, a library of about 16 million, about 3 million cans of canned mixed in with the saury, 2015 canned mackerel is not mixed with the saury.