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Hot Sales--Grade A Soy Sauce

Mar 27, 2017

    FORTOP FOOD SOY SAUCE is natural and healthy condiment. We always select only the choicest soy for our soy sauce.We have exported it to many countries,include Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia  and so on.It's very popular in these markets.

   Hot Sales:1L,625ML and 200ML soy sauce.

   Please seize opportunities. 


Products Specification:

Soy Sauce

* Packaging: 6ml, 8ml, 2.5ml, 150ml, 230ml, 1L, 18L, 18.9kgs, 15kgs, 620ml, 2.27kgs, 1000kgs, And Customized  Packaging available.

* Packaging Type: Metal Barrel, Plastic Drum, Glass Table, Plastic Drum, Carton, Pet Bottle, Sachet, Pail,

* Place of Origin: China

* Storage: in a dry and cool place

* Shelf Life: 12Months