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Come, Let's Uncover The Mystery Of Freeze-dried Fruit

Dec 26, 2017

From a scientific point of view, freeze-drying is one of the drying techniques commonly used in food preservation and is currently being considered as a direction for the development of healthy foods.

Let's look at the two images, the bananas, apples and grapes processed by freeze-dried and dehydrated , take a look which is closer to the original look of the fruit?

freeze dried banana.jpeg

Isn't it amazing ?

There are many advantages of freeze-dried food:

1 water control thoroughly to prevent the breeding of microorganisms to extend the shelf life;

2 makes the dry products can maintain the original traits, with the ideal instant solution and rapid rehydration;

3 easily oxidized substances can be effectively protected, nutrition can be well preserved;

4 storage and transportation convenience.