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Beijing Miyun District Xinchengzi Apple Is Another Way Of Increasing Production And Efficiency Are A Win-win Situation

Mar 05, 2016

Author March 1 xinchengzi town, Miyun district was informed that the town plans to use more than 3 years as the town more than 2,500 fruit free replacement tree. This year is expected to replace the 2500 acres.

It is understood that the xinchengzi previously planted Apple is "Chang Fu" and "autumn wealth", fruit size and yield is low, only around 500 kg/MU. New varieties of "Hanfu", used for all red when mature, fruit size, Mu produced up to 2500 kg, up to a maximum of 5000 kg. In addition, the town was the replacement of the new variety also has strong Hardy, drought tolerant and resistant to rotting, fruit farmers, the management time and effort, and reduce costs.