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Zhejiang yuhuan Shaddock and cold grave

Mar 05, 2016

"The beginning of the year, the degree of frost did much, where the short cold snap after the end of, grapefruit leaves all froze to death. Distressed. "Qing Zhen Yang village, yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province, Jiang Jianbin said.

Before the Spring Festival, yuhuan, a sudden cold snap that growers caught off guard. According to local media reports, the County of 33,000 acres of grapefruit trees severely damaged up to 17,000 acres. After the cold snap, temperatures grew warmer. Yuhuan fruit OK? Have any remedial measures to be taken, and fruit tree cold damage? Recently, the author Yang, Zhang AO, grapefruit-growing villages such as going to a walk.

On February 21, from the village of longtoushan tunnel entering Yang village, along the left side of the road for thousands of meters below the cold of grapefruit trees, originally opened by the Green curly leaves have withered, leaves under the tree like a carpet-covered, see no ground at all. Wen Danye has frozen into a dark brown on the tree, curled up in a ball, gently shake the branches, just swirl fall down from the tree.

Zhang AO Ta-pit slopes to the right onto dry land, dry curly grapefruit leaves unsightly, frozen Island countless naturally shed under a tree, it really makes people feel bad. On orchards, dry land, industrious farmers began to take action, and they do everything possible to save every fruit tree, let it fruiting again making money in the 1-3. Picked up the target, iron pole to knock down dry curly leaves, and then one by one clear dead branches, some leaves in the cleaning field drain, ensure the smooth line of rain delays.