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White Tea Benefits

Nov 30, 2018
Silver Needle White Tea

The efficacy of white tea is very good. It has the functions of hangover, clearing the heat, moistening the lungs, calming the liver and tonifying blood, reducing inflammation and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and reducing fat, and eliminating fatigue. It is especially effective for excessive alcohol and tobacco, excessive oiliness, excessive liver anger and digestive dysfunction. It has a unique and wonderful health care function.


White tea anti-cancer, anti-cancer, heatstroke prevention, detoxification, treatment of toothache, especially aged white tea can be used as an antipyretic for children with measles, its antipyretic effect is better than antibiotics. It is widely regarded as a good medicine for the treatment of measles patients in North China and Fujian.

Promote blood sugar balance

In addition to the inherent nutrients of other teas, white tea also contains the active enzymes necessary for the human body. Long-term consumption of white tea can significantly increase lipase activity in the body, promote fat catabolism, effectively control insulin secretion, and delay intestinal absorption of grape powder. Decomposes excess sugar in the body and promotes blood sugar balance. White tea is rich in a variety of amino acids, its cold and cool, with the effect of antipyretic and detoxification.