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What is tieguanyin tea?

Jul 11, 2018
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Tieguanyin tea, the traditional famous Chinese tea, belongs to the category of green tea, which is one of the top ten famous Chinese teas. Originally from xiping town, anxi county, quanzhou city, fujian province, it was found from 1723 to 1735. "Tieguanyin" Is of tea and tea tree species, between green tea and black tea, tieguanyin tea is semi-fermented tea, tieguanyin unique view of "Rhyme", fragrance elegance, after brewing the natural orchid sweet, pure taste, aroma fragrance lasting, has a reputation of "Seven bubble has lingering fragrance". In addition to the general health functions of tea, it also has anti-aging, anti-arteriosclerosis, anti-diabetes, weight loss and fitness, anti-dental caries, antipyretic decrease internal heat, anti-smoking and decanting effects.

Tieguanyin contains high amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols and alkaloids. It has many kinds of nutritive and pharmacodynamic components and has the function of health care. In eight years of the republic of china from fujian anxi, introducing paling area tested points "Red heart" Tieguanyin "And" Green heart "Tieguanyin" Two kinds, the tree is a horizontal type, branches thick, leaf is relatively poor, bud little thickness, yield is not high, but the system package tea quality is high, give a green heart oolong later. It has a slight tree shape, elliptic leaves and thick fleshy leaves. The leaves spread out flat.