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What is the best time to drink Pu Erh?

Jan 04, 2018

When drinking tea, should not only pay attention to the method of drinking tea, but also pay attention to the best time to drink tea. Here introduce the best time to drink Pu'er tea for everyone.

Before dinner drink cooked  pu erh tea

 cooked puerh tea.jpg

Fermented Pu'er tea is commonly known as cooked tea, tea is rich in trace elements, peptides, amino acids and minerals, because of the reduction of raw tea on gastrointestinal irritants so fasting drink tea will not cause physical discomfort, for long-term constipation And girls with poor detoxification, fasting drink Pu'er tea is the best and fastest way to lose weight. When tea is served, some FD apricot slices are served with great flavor.


Pu-Erh brewed with boiling water to 100 degrees, after washing tea for the fourth time after the tea can drink. Do not get up early to eat a cup of 200ml warm Pu'er tea, 1-2 hours after you will have meaning, insist on a period of time will develop a good habit of defecation. 1 hour before lunch and dinner drink a cup of hot Pu'er fasting tea, not only can help clear bowel detoxification can increase satiety reduce staple food intake, weight loss immediate effect.

After dinner drink raw pu erh tea

 raw puerh tea.jpg

Raw tea is Pu'er tea fermentation time is shorter or without fermented storage process of tea, in fact, the main weight loss component of raw tea is rich in polyphenols, and green tea, oolong tea and other similar role. Expert experiments have proved that tea polyphenols can inhibit the synthesis and differentiation of fat cells to maintain blood levels of fat and sterols, whether fat or fat are helpful.

The best time to drink raw tea is 1 hour after a meal, it can help the body accelerate the digestion and absorption of food decomposition, and promote the body toxins in the first time excreted. Health tea has a unique effect of removing greasy, for long-term adhesion to the intestine wall of toxin garbage, there is a good deep clean-up effect. Although the efficacy of Pu'er raw tea is similar to that of green tea, the peculiar thing is that it is not cold in nature, but the production process is different from that of ripe tea. Therefore, the methods and effects of drinking tea are not the same.