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What is real Freeze-Drying Foods ?

Dec 01, 2017

FD freeze-drying technology and VF vacuum frying dehydration

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Freeze-dried foods superior to traditional dehydrated food because the freeze-dried foods to maximize the retention of food nutrients, physiologically active ingredients and color, smell and taste . With the improvement of people's living standard in our country, as a freeze-dried food of high-grade food, it will surely be favored by consumers.


There are many kinds of Freeze Dried Foods, but some businesses are selling not real FD foods under the guise of Freeze Dried Foods.

Now, let’ s introduce the difference between FD freeze-drying technology and VF vacuum frying dehydration:

1. The chips which are processed by VF (Vacuum Cryogenic Dehydration) Technology will be broken up by finger crushing, but will become food powder which are processed by FD freeze-drying technology.

2. From the cost of production point of view, VF processing technology is slightly lower than the FD.