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What is peach gum in chinese?

Oct 27, 2018
Healthy Food Peach Gum

Peach gum is a light red yellow viscous liquid obtained by chemical reaction of peach tree oil secreted from peach trees. It is further dried and pulverized into solid granules. It is a light red yellow transparent solid natural gum. It is harvested in summer and autumn, and its composition is almost the same as that of gum arabic. The natural peach gum has different traits, some mixed with impurities. The fake peach gum particles are equal in size, no impurities, no faint fragrance, and everyone pays attention to identification.

The dry parts of the peach branches are swollen, and then the reddish-yellow transparent resin flows out, especially after the rain. The jelly gel color gradually turns pale red. If the weather is dry, the gum turns into a pale red hard block that crystallizes and adheres to the stem epidermis. After the rain, the amount of glue is large and the glue is mostly pale yellow or white transparent solid after drying. Because the rain makes the peach tree absorb a lot of water, after the body colloid is diluted, the first batch of glue is light yellow or white transparent. This gum has a low nutrient content.