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What is maltodextrin powder?

Dec 07, 2018
Maltodextrin Powder

Maltodextrin powder is also called water-soluble dextrin or enzymatic dextrin. It is made of various kinds of starch as raw materials, controlled by hydrolysis to reduce hydrolysis, purification and drying. The raw materials are starchy corn, rice and the like. It may also be a refined starch such as corn starch, wheat starch, tapioca starch or the like. In 1970, Veberbacher defined maltodextrin as follows: starch, which is controlled by hydrolysis and has a DE value of less than 20%, is called maltodextrin to distinguish the dextrin product produced by pyrolysis of starch. The main character of maltodextrin is directly related to the hydrolysis rate. The DE value not only indicates the degree of hydrolysis, but also is an important indicator for grasping the characteristics of the product. Understanding the relationship between the DE value and the physical properties of the maltodextrin series products is conducive to the correct selection of various maltodextrin products.