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What are fruit powders?

Jan 31, 2019
Healthy Strawberry Powder

Fruit powders are made from apple powder, citric acid, malic acid, white sugar powder, glucose powder, vitamin C, DHA powder, arachidonic acid powder, etc. according to a certain ratio, pre-treated, mixed, compressed, inspected and packaged. The food has the functions of promoting digestion, preventing diseases, increasing immunity, anti-aging and other health care and treatment, and retains the active ingredients in vinegar powder, DHA powder and arachidonic acid powder to better promote the body's metabolism. Reduce the role of cardiovascular disease.

Classified by taste: apple flavor, pineapple flavor, mango flavor, banana flavor, strawberry flavor, papaya flavor, orange flavor, pear flavor, etc.;

Classified by raw materials: fruit powders with a single raw material, fruit powders with composite raw materials, such as apple-flavored fruit slices containing a small amount of pineapple powder, but the apple flavor is presented.