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Three major trends driving the powder beverage products

Dec 01, 2017

First, the clean label trend continues to gain momentum. Consumers are looking for natural positioning and short, meaningful ingredient decks. Natural sweetener systems are top of mind, as are other natural and/or organic ingredients.


Second, products must deliver functionality, or purpose. The mainstream market is becoming increasingly aware of functional ingredient benefits, especially protein. Consumers are looking for ingredients that provide ‘purpose,’ like satiety, energy or immunity, with protein leading the way. The diversification of protein sources beyond dairy and into plants is a powerful complementary trend.


Last, the “snackification” of everything has opened a further avenue for beverage products. Drinking one’s breakfast—as well as other meals—is trending. Consumers are looking for healthy drinks to replace tradition. Portability, convenience, satiety and natural are important components to the new generation of health and sustenance drinks.

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