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The Effect Of Bitter Gourd

May 12, 2020

Hypoglycemic effect: it has a significant hypoglycemic effect on normal (or alloxan diabetic) blood glucose, which is related to the active ingredients such as p-insulin, polypeptide, and bitter gourd and balsam pear glycosides, which are similar to the basic skeleton of ginsenogenin. Balsam pear seed extract (equivalent to 1 ~ 3 grams of the crude drug) has a hypoglycemic effect on rabbits with progressive diabetes mellitus induced by streptozotocin, and its titer is equivalent to that of hypoglycemic effect. This effect can restore the normal function of insulin secretion of its granules by activating titanyl-cells and play a hypoglycemic effect. The seed extract of balsam pear has the function of lowering blood lipids, which can reduce blood cholesterol, free fatty acid, and triglyceride to normal levels.

Matters needing attention

Bitter gourd can be used for soaking water, bitter gourd has the role of clearing heat, and removing fire lemon has the role of clearing heat. Dried lemon slice and dried bitter gourd slice make tea together, have the effect of reducing weight. Do not recommend drinking early in the morning, bitter gourd before drying can pass water. It is better to add honey. Bitter gourd has the function of reducing blood sugar and preventing and curing cancer.