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The benefit of black fungus

Feb 06, 2018

Fungus refers to the genus edible fungus,ear-shaped irregular in shape, 3-12 cm in diameter, When fresh, it is with soft and dry angular quality. The delicate taste and special flavor, is a nutritious, well-known edible fungus.

Fungus have many benefits for human body:

1) Fungus in the iron content is extremely rich, so eat the fungus can be nourishing their beauty, it is the skin rosy and radiant, and can combat iron deficiency anemia.


2) The fungus contains vitamin K, can maintain normal levels of clotting factors in the body to prevent bleeding.


3) Fungus in the gum may be residual dust in the human digestive system, the impurities adsorbed together excreted, and thus play the rold of intestinal Qingwei polyester.


4) It gallstones, kidney stones and other endogenous foreign body to resolve the function of a relatively significant.


5) It also helps to digest the fiber material and function, inadvertently eaten difficult to digest hair, chaff, wood residues, sand, metal shavings and other foreign bodies dissolved and molten, so that it is the mining, chemical, and textile workers indispennsable to health food.