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Strawberry planting Guide to lead villagers to get rich

Mar 05, 2016

"Songyuan peasant friends know heerqile Cun-season strawberry, which not only allows members of the public in the fruitcake and eat fresh-cut strawberries and let local people lived a sweet life, I see film economy with characteristics, distinctive worry about making money. "Ningjiang district in songyuan city, Jilin province, Mao Zhen Jiang Jia villager Sun Xinghong mused. Last year, Sun Xinghong introduced a big sweet varieties of strawberries, although the first-year trial, he is confident.

Strawberry in greenhouse in Sun Xinghong, presents a lively scene, large Strawberry seedlings are growing strong, green plants between cute and delicate and tender fruit. On both sides of the aisle also planted a persimmon, Sun Xinghong and his partner Wang Chunfeng observed the growth of strawberries.

Heiyou you mulch, pest control tools, instrument for measuring temperature, beehives in the corner, there are honey bees, which evoke the curiosity of journalists, although this included Strawberry seedlings are so strong, where the road a lot.

Wang Chunfeng from Dandong city, Liaoning province, is the introduction of Strawberry variety. He told reporters that every day at noon, temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius in the greenhouse, is suitable for growing strawberries. Meanwhile, greenhouse is equipped with a box of bees, for strawberry seedlings of natural pollination, no pesticides, organic fertilizer, so Strawberry growing out of high sweetness, taste good, bright color. In addition, prior to planting, by exposure to high temperatures inside the land, to kill harmful bacteria, is very beneficial for strawberry growing.