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Physical Conditions of Pu'er Tea

Nov 12, 2018
Pu Erh Tea

Physical conditions of Pu'er tea

1. Circulating air. There is more oxygen in the circulating air, which is conducive to the proliferation of some microorganisms in the tea, so it can accelerate the change of tea, but can not hang Pu'er tea on the balcony. There must be moderately circulated air, but not in the air. In addition, the surrounding environment should not have odor, otherwise the tea will taste. Therefore, it should not be placed in the kitchen or in other environments where there is a smell of life or industrial odor.

2. Constant temperature. The temperature of Pu'er tea should not be too high or too low, the temperature should be based on the local environment, no need to artificially create temperature, normal indoor temperature can be, the best is to maintain 20 to 30 degrees Celsius for many years, Too high a temperature will accelerate the fermentation of the tea to acid. Relatively speaking, the changes in Pu'er tea in spring, summer and autumn will change faster than in winter. Whenever Pu'er tea is not exposed to the sun, it is better in the shade.

3. Moderate humidity. Good Pu'er tea is about to be stored in dry storage. Dry storage means storing in a dry environment. A too dry environment will make the aging of Pu'er tea slow, so there must be some moisture. In a drier environment, place a small glass of water next to the tea leaves to increase the humidity in the air. However, too humid environment can lead to rapid changes in Pu'er tea. This change is often "mold" and makes the tea unfit for drinking. Humidity should be controlled by humans. The annual average humidity should not be higher than 75%. Due to the warm maritime climate along the coast, the humidity will be higher than 75% in the rainy season. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to timely window ventilation and moisture.