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Peach powder benefits

Feb 26, 2018

Peaches Rich in carbohydrates, important substances that make up the body; Storing and supplying heat; Energy necessary to maintain brain function; Regulating fat metabolism; Providing dietary fiber; Saving protein; Detoxification; Enhancing bowel function. Rich in vitamin c, Victoria c has the protection of dental health, prevention of atherosclerosis, free radical scavenging cancer prevention, cell protection, detoxification, liver protection, improve immunity, emergency response ability.

Peach powder has many benefits for human body:

1, Yin tonic: complement wasting, essence of good gas, lungs and kidney, for lung and kidney. Suitable for chronic illness and deficiency or consumptive.

2, Thirst quencher: throat to dry, refreshing comfort. Suitable for dry mouth, dry eyes, over-thought, lack of sleep, talk too much of the crowd.

3, Blood stasis: promote the body qi and blood run, appropriate treatment of blood stasis.

4, Constipation: You can lubricate the bowel, stimulate defecation.

5, menstruation: to ease dysmenorrhea, or menstrual back pain.

6, Asthma: reduce the excitability of the respiratory center, so that the respiratory movement tends to be quiet and the role of antitussive and asthma.

7, Other effects: with Yin, Sheng Jin, Runzao Huoxue effect; indications of summer thirst, constipation, dysmenorrhea, asthenia cough, hernia pain, nocturnal emission, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats embolism.