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Onion Extract help anti-scar

Nov 24, 2017

When the skin becomes damaged, excess collagen fibers can form, which can cause an irregular pattern--resulting in a scar. There are a number of home remedies and natural products marketed to prevent the formation of scars and to minimize the appearance of old scars.Here's a closer look at one of the most popular remedies -Onion Extract.

Onion, or Allium cepa, is an ingredient in one of the most popular scar gels found in drugstores. Onion extract has been found to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and regulate the formation of collagen.In order to reduce the visibility of these scars, an acne treatment cream containing onion extract may be of benefit.

When an acne scar is first forming, excess amounts of collagen fibers can arrange themselves haphazardly on the scar area. This can result in a scar that is raised above the skin or feels hardened. In order to reduce a scar's appearance, it is helpful to reduce the amount of these fibers in order to experience the least damage possible to the skin. Onion extract has been linked with inhibiting collagen production.

Not all acne scars are shaped above the skin--some can become saucer-shaped and lower than the skin. In these instances, onion extract creams, such as Mederma, may be utilized to stimulate collagen formation. While the uncontrolled development of collagen is a detriment to a scar, when collagen is encouraged to grow in a more controlled manner, it can make the skin appear most elastic and resilient, which can improve acne scars that are lower than the skin itself.