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Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Guangyuan area, Sichuan canned meat exports

Mar 05, 2016

A few days ago, from the inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Guangyuan, Sichuan, canned meat product first opens the 2015 Guangyuan area Malaysia, Samoa, "along the way" along the country market, export growth momentum.

In recent years, the canned meat processing become a pillar industry in Guangyuan city. 2015, the Guangyuan and implement resource advantages into projects around speed and efficiency, increase support to leading enterprises, pay close attention to quality improvement and brand actively supports exports of food and agricultural products with local advantages such as canned meat, by guiding the enterprises to improve the quality management system, improve the level of management, strengthen the management of raw materials and packaging, primary responsibility for implementing food safety responsibility to ensure quality and safety. Meanwhile, optimize detection project, accelerating the speed of sampling inspection, reducing costs, export-oriented economic development in the service area.