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How to select best coffee beans?

Sep 07, 2018
Organic Coffee Beans

How to choose organic coffee beans?

Use fresh coffee beans. Pay attention to the color of the coffee beans and the size of the particles when buying. The good coffee beans are bright and shiny, with a strong aroma without mixing odor. Regardless of the type of coffee beans, freshness is an important factor influencing quality. When shopping, grab one or two coffee beans and chew them in your mouth. It should be crisp and sound (indicating that the coffee is not damp), and the cheeks are the top grade, but it is best to squeeze it by hand and feel it is solid, not buy crispy coffee beans. If the coffee beans have lost their aroma or smelled, it means that the coffee beans are no longer fresh and not suitable for purchase. Freshly fried coffee beans are not suitable for immediate consumption and should be stored for one week to completely release the gas inside the beans. In general, the best drinking period of coffee is one week after the frying, when the coffee beans are the freshest and the flavor tastes the best. In addition, the purity of coffee beans is another consideration. The insider chooses coffee. It is not necessarily to look at the size of the particles. Instead, grab a single product of coffee beans, about tens of parts, and take a look at each single bean. Whether the color is the same, whether the particle size and shape are similar, so as to avoid the inferior quality of the fake bean camouflage. However, if it is a comprehensive bean, the difference in size and color is a normal phenomenon. In addition, heavy fire and medium-deep roasting method will cause the coffee beans to produce oil. However, if the lighter roasted beans are oily, it means that it has deteriorated, not only the mellowness is lowered, but also the astringency and sourness will appear. In short, when buying coffee, you should pay attention to its freshness, aroma and presence or not, and the ideal purchase quantity is suitable for half a month.