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How to exert the nutritive value of mushroom ?

Aug 23, 2017


    Mushroom could improve immunity: After sun ray , the special substances will be converted into vitamin D, it is absorbed by the body, will help to enhance the resistance. Mushrooms can also stimulate the body to produce more interferons, destroy the virus in your body, so mushrooms on the prevention of cold also have a certain role. We could make a mushroom soup to take in nutrition.

Winter Bamboo Shoot & Mushroom & Chicken Soup

mushroom soup.png

Ingredients details:

Chicken 100 g

Winter Bamboo Shoot half

Mushroom 50 g

Salt 1 tsp

Water 800 ml

Cooking Wine 1 tsp

Ginger 2 g

Procedure Steps:


1.Wash the chicken and cut it into silk.


2.The bamboo shoots are washed and cut into pieces.


3.Mushrooms are also washed and cut into flakes.


4.Add a little vegetable oil to heat in the wok.


5.Under the ginger and chicken stir fry.


6.Pour a little cooking wine, stir fry until the chicken color turns white.


7.Pour into the water, while the next into the winter bamboo shoots, the fire boil open a small fire for 1 minute.


8.And then into the mushrooms, boil, small fire to cook for 3 minutes.


9.Finally add salt seasoning, you can pan.