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How to choose canned food?

Sep 20, 2019

We must not take our canned food lightly.

1. The first thing to look at the product logo: the label should be completely clean, can explain the food, such as the main raw materials, net content, edible method, storage conditions, product standard number, etc. The lid is printed with the code name of the factory, the code name of the factory, the date of production and the code name of the product. If the trademark information is incomplete and poorly made, it is a substandard product. When choosing a production date, it is best to choose the latest product.

2. Observe the tank body: for tin cans, the surface of the tin can is clean and free from spot rust, the bottom and cover of the tin can are slightly concave, the seam and bottom crimped edge are not damaged, there is no iron tongue, the seal is tight, and it is generally a good tin. For glass cans, it is first necessary to observe whether the contents are muddy, precipitation and discoloration. A good can should have a normal color (the natural color of food), a complete shape, clear soup, no sediment at the bottom, a slightly concave lid, and no rust on the tin cover and rubber band.

3. Listen to the sound: hit the center of the bottom cover with your finger, the sound is clear and firm, indicating that it is a good canned; The sound is turbid and hollow, which indicates the content is insufficient and the gas is more. The hoarse sound of indicates that the tin has gone bad.

4. Can opening: pay attention to the normal color, flavor and shape of the food in the jar. If found moldy smelly, clumpy, or into a porridge shape, that food has gone bad, not edible.