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Health value of Aloe

Jan 26, 2018

Aloe contains 75 kinds of elements, which are almost completely consistent with the substances needed by human cells and have obvious health value. They are called "magic plants" and "family medicine boxes" by people.


Aloin mucin (mucin, that is, protein), is based on arboran A Baloe mannanaloetin and other polysaccharides as the core component of mucus is to prevent cell aging and treatment of chronic allergy an important component. Mucin exists in the body's muscles and gastrointestinal mucosa, etc., so that tissue elasticity, if the lack of liquid, the muscles and mucous membranes will lose the elasticity and stiff aging. The cells that make up the body, if mucin is not enough, the cells will gradually weaken and lose the ability to defend against germs and viruses. In addition, there are strong mucus, strong essence.

Promote healing

On the back of rats with traumatic aloe can promote healing, the artificial conjunctiva of aloe can shorten the cure days. Aloe vera juice preparation has protective effects on skin wounds, burns and x-ray local irradiation.

Intensive blood circulation

Aloe vera in the calcium citrate and other cardiac, promote blood circulation, soften the hardening of arteries, lower cholesterol levels, the role of capillary expansion, the blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, reduce the burden on the heart, blood pressure to maintain normal, clear blood In the "toxin."

Immune and regenerative

Aloe A, traumatic hormones and glycoprotein (Ke-2) with antiviral infection, promote wound healing and restore the role of anti-inflammatory sterilization, endothermic swelling, soften the skin, maintain cell viability function, curdlan Combined with callus also has healing wound healing activity.