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Fruit sales double in Guilin, Guangxi

Mar 05, 2016

Spring Festival has just passed, and Guilin in Guangxi Province for many farmers, this year was "ice fire", sugar, Orange became the "meat and potatoes", kumquat, pomelo fruit rot in the fields. City of Guilin as a fruit, fruit per capita income of farmers reached 2275 Yuan over fruit per capita income of farmers in the autonomous region 3 times, but current market forced many farmers could not see a way out, new year, growers go from here?

Ice fire sales days

Ren Zhen Nian in Lipu County just after years East Ridge Tun sugar orange orchard, farmers post harvest fertilization and clearing work being carried out. "Sugar Orange-sold out, we are preparing for the coming year. "A farmer in the field full of joy road.

In gongcheng Kuanyin Rural Township, villagers working product is packed ready to Guilin, with more than 2000 kilos of unsold home of grapefruit. "Now no one to 3 cents a pound, can recognize." Words of frustration, but said the current grapefruit market.

For many growers, the RAM is just past the "ice fire". Reporter from Lipu County fruit do understand to, this year sugar orange is "incense Bobo", County 200,000 acres sugar Orange, 260,000 tons of production Basic are sales finished, "from new year Qian of December end of listed to Lantern Festival, sugar orange of ASP are keep in 4 Yuan around, and in Lantern Festival of last a sales in the, pretty fruit price more is reached has 6.5 Yuan each pounds".

And the situation is exactly the opposite of the gold sugar Orange Orange, persimmon, pomelo, etc. This reporter has learned, these fruits, this year's sales are not optimistic. In recent times, the network platform for a large number of calls for help fruit growers, buying fruits of love messages frequently appeared, is proof of that.