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Freeze-drying Technology

Nov 18, 2019

As early as two years ago, some experts proposed to change the traditional Chinese cooking food from homework and fuzzy control to large-scale industrial production. Even earlier, companies in Shanghai churned out kung pao pork cubes, and factories in Inner Mongolia produced chop suet soup. Hubei comes news again recently, the "eight treasure rice" produced by some factory in sha city becomes the New Year goods that local people snap up soon, and the product is out of stock for a time.

No matter it is a dish, soup or meal, in the face of a variety of fast food mostly used frozen, air dry, vacuum dehydration technology,it basically can ensure the style of the original dish. Among all the fresh-keeping technologies, the emerging freeze-drying process seems to be more recognized by the experts concerned.

Freeze-drying technology is the abbreviation of freeze-drying technology. It first freezes the water in the food into ice, and then sublimates it to air with high heat, thus dehydrating and drying the food. The dehydrated food could not be kept fresh for a long time due to the release of microorganisms and enzymes through water. When need edible, it only needs to add water afresh, then food can restore original appearance, and the color, sweet, taste, shape are changeless. Since food is dried at low temperatures and in poor oxygen, the original nutrients are almost untouched, so it is as nutritious as fresh food. In addition, the high dehydration rate of over 95% also makes the shelf life of this food greatly extended.In the case of good packaging, freeze-dried food without preservatives can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years, and the weight is extremely light, which is easy to transport.