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Float pineapple fragrance prices people in tongchuan, Shaanxi made fruit "popular"

Mar 05, 2016

As temperatures gradually rise fruit varieties and growing up in the market. Reporter in the market in recent days found a lot of tropical fruit such as mangoes, pineapples and the price is not too expensive a big pineapple has attracted many people to buy for as long as six or seven Yuan. Other tropical fruits are also very popular and gradually over the oranges, apples and other common fruit.

Reporter visited in recent days over urban farmers ' market fruit stall was informed a few days ago the "fruit shortage" finally eased because tropical fruit on the market. "We can't stock much here some time ago to buy fruits do not have many people. Now the tropical fruits listed business has a lot of good. "Urban 51 street market a fruit vendor told reporters.

In urban gardens road reporters find the clouds were full before fruit pineapple, mangoes and other tropical fruits. Reporters asked a price discovery is not your biggest pineapple pineapple only 6 Yuan/kg is about 2 kilograms which is 12 Yuan and the public bought most of the six or seven Yuan a pineapple.