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Chongqing spring getaway winter Strawberry prices higher in demand

Mar 05, 2016

In recent days, the weather continued to improve, it is spring break season, Chongqing dazu district Strawberry Park so fire up the business. I visited some strawberry learned that current winter Strawberry (Strawberry) pick the price at 20-50 Yuan/kg, compared to a year earlier, up around 10%.

It is reported that the district recently built a number of strawberry fields, forming a ridge top, three drives, soaring, Zhi feng, Cologne water, and many acres of strawberries in winter base in the streets of the town.

"Winter strawberry picking usually lasts from November to May the following year, but the cold weather in the early, ripe strawberries slowly, most tourists do not want to go out. "Zhi Feng Street" all red "Strawberry master Zhou Biao told the author, winter strawberries can pick three, the first production rates are the highest, two or three batches of production higher price per kg lower than the first batch of 10 Yuan. It is now the second batch of strawberries in winter a lot of mature, however, under the influence of snow this year, the second batch of strawberry production in winter, so the big Strawberry girl, Zhang Ji, drunk man, falandi and other varieties of winter strawberry picking prices remained at 20-50 Yuan/kg, up 10% from a year or so.

In addition, the snowfall on the regular "spring Strawberry" affected the growth. It is predicted that the strawberries in the spring time to market will be delayed this year by nearly half a month, until the end of April to be listed.