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Canned abalone benefits

Jan 23, 2018

1. Abalone is rich in protein, there are also more nutrients such as calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin A and other nutrients.

2.   Abalone is seven times more nutritious than Australian walnuts.

3. Abalone can regulate the secretion of adrenal gland and has a bidirectional effect of regulating blood pressure. 

canned abalone, abalone.jpg

Canned abalone is the most commonly used type of abalone, except that the quality is not bad, saving time and convenient is its greatest strength, and people can take it into the mouth directly or cook it . As canned abalone will cook more and more old, so do not cook for a long time. It is recommended that put the can into hot water. 

When you buy canned abalone, you should pay attention to its manufacturing date, and should be consumed within the shelf life. Do not completely drained the soup after opening the can, because if it is not possible to eaten once, the abalone may be soaked in the soup, sealed and stored in cold storage to prevent the abalone from drying out, aging and losing its original taste. However, the best time to save more than 5 days.