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Are organic coffee beans better?

Aug 31, 2018
Organic Coffee Beans

How to tell if it is organic coffee?

1. Freshly picked coffee beans are easier to distinguish. The size and appearance of organic and regular coffee beans are not very consistent, and organically grown coffee beans are relatively small.

2. After the coffee beans have been finely graded, it is difficult to distinguish them from the appearance. It is necessary to distinguish in terms of taste. The organic coffee beans are slightly more fragrant than the coffee of the same variety and in the same way.

Organic coffee beans are coffee that does not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers during growth. These ways of growing coffee help maintain a healthy environment and maintain the purity of groundwater. After harvesting the coffee, be sure to use an organically certified baking factory to process the coffee beans. Organic coffee is made from coffee beans grown in the shade. Although the method of planting in the shade is not high, the quality can reach the level of the best coffee. This is because under the shade of the tree can slow down the ripening of the coffee tree, giving the coffee full growth, making it contain more natural ingredients, better taste and less caffeine.