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Are fruit powders good for you

Jan 31, 2018

fruit powders.jpg

Main nutrients

A variety of vitamin VA, VE, VC, rich in dietary fiber



Natural fruit powder, without any preservatives, additives, flavoring, coloring, sugar



Freeze dried fruit powders can be added as a flavoring to cakes, breads, cakes, cookies, sweets, desserts, pasta, macarons, beverages, yogurt, milk tea, milkshakes, soy milk, pudding


Suitable for

Fast-paced office workers, children picky eaters, the elderly do not have teeth, the patient does not digest the crowd


Edible method

Porridge seasoning, red fruit juice, fruit mask, making cakes and bread, moon cake fillings, children's nutrition food supplement, disease fluid, ice cream, jelly pudding, etc.