NFT PVC Pipe Planting Hydroponics Vertical System

Extremely simple to assemble and use, this hydroponic indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening. No experience needed, it's perfect for beginners! This hybrid model has a drain-lever design that allows the user to toggle between an Ebb and Flow or a Recirculating Deep Water Culture set-up by simply turning the drain pipe up or down in each grow chamber up.

Product Details


Planting pipe

Pipes 4 layers with 36 plant sites



Hole tube diameter   


Planting tube diameter





5.5 kg

* Advantage:

* Food-grade material, safe and green

* Perfect connection of holder and pipe

* Advanced inner blocking design

* Inner stopper all uses food grade material for the water balance on every lay

* Suitable for leafy vegetables in home, garden and office

* Easy assembled and more convenient

* Space-saving and time-saving

Blue arrow :Built-in hose to guide flow water direction

Red arrow:  S-shaped water flow direction 

Internal plug: is built in the bracket to guide the normal flow of water.



1. You may need to prepare one reservoir tank. Non-transparent tank and with cover is better. The capacity is best 15-20L.
2. You need to bring your own power strip.
3. Because of the big volume after the installation, for the convenient transport, we didn't install it. You need to install by yourself. This will expend a little effort.
4. The place must be under enough sunshine, at least up to 4 hours every day. It will result in the vegetables malnutrition if there is no enough sunshine.