Fresh Mandarine Orange

Fresh Mandarin Orange has very thin and smooth skin, easy to peel by hand.Fresh Mandarin Oranges mature earliest in Mid-August and harvest throughout the whole Autumn. The pulp is sweet and juicy.Fresh Mandarin Orange is rich in vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, etc. The juice percentage of fresh mandarin orange is 62%.

Product Details

Fresh Mandarin Orange 

* Processing: Washing, Choosing, Packing

* Place of Origin: China

* Feature:Natural sweet, no pollution

* Color: Yellow

* Mature Time:Mid-August

* Packaging: 9kg, 10kg/CTN

* Size: 3.5-6.0CM

* MOQ: 1 Container

Preserve:In normal temperature or cold storage

Fresh Mandarine Orangehoney orangeorange


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