Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms

The wood ear mushroom has been reported to positively affect blood coagulation and decrease blood cholesterol levels.
Since it is a popular edible mushroom in China, it may contribute to the low incidence of heart disease there.

Product Details

What is Wood Ear Mushrooms?

Wood Ear Mushrooms, or Auricularia poytricha, is sometimes known as black fungus,wood ear, cloud ear, judas ear or tree ear. It is a mushroom that is dark brown to black and native to Asia and some Pacific islands with humid climates. It is often used in Asian cooking and delicious with rich & smooth taste. It is a beneficial herb in helping with health issues by treating the lungs, stomach and liver, according to the Insititue of Chinese Medicine.

Production Specification of Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms

* Latin Name: Auricularia Auricula-judae

* Processing: Drying(AD)

* Parameter: Moisture≤5%; Purity: 100%

* Material: Fresh Black Fungus

* Shape: Whole, Sliced,Diced

* Color: White and Black, Black,White Back 

* Shelf Life: 24 months


* Packaging: PE bag + carton or according clients’ requirements

* Storage: keep in cool and dry place

* MOQ:3 Tons