Dried White-Black Fungus Slice

Function of Dried White-Black Fungus a.Black fungus extremely rich in iron, so eat fungus can prevent iron deficiency anemia; b.Black fungus contains vitamin K, can reduce the blood clot, prevent thrombosis, prevention

Product Details

Production Introduction of White-Black Fungus

Fungus refers to the genus edible fungus, ear-shaped irregular in shape, 3-12 cm in diameter, When fresh, it is with soft and dry angular quality. The delicate taste and special flavor, is a nutritious, well-known edible fungus. It is growth on top of rotten wood, the shape of human ears, hence the name fungus; also deemed to moth butterfly Yuli, also knows as wood moth; due to its taste like chicken delicious, so Yiming tree chicken, wood machine( South chu- called chicken machine); the mutual mosaic of the petals of the fungus on the tree, like a piece of the clouds, another cloud ear said. People often eat the fungus, there are mainly two: one is the ventral surface smooth, the color black, the back hair was gray or grayish brown, know as auricularia, crude fungus(commonly known as wild fungus). the other is brown, translucent, known as black fungus, fungus thin, light fungus. The texture is thick and tough, difficult to chew, taste poor and low price. Black fungus soft and delicious, smooth and with a cool, nutrient-rich, is a kind of a large number of artificial cultivation.

Production Specification of Dried White-Black Fungus Slice

* Latin Name: Auricularia Auricula-judae

* Processing: Drying(AD)

* Parameter: Moisture≤5%; Purity: 100%

* Material: Fresh Black Fungus

* Shape: Whole, Sliced,Diced

* Color: White and Black, Black,White Back 

* Shelf Life: 24 months


* Packaging: PE bag + carton or according clients’ requirements

* Storage: keep in cool and dry place

* MOQ:3 Tons

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