Freeze Dried Cherry

All of our freeze dried cherry are made from fresh material, without any additives, keeps the original color and flavor, can be used as snack or food additives for bread,candy, cakes, milk, drink and so on.

Product Details

*Product Introduction of Freeze Dried Cherry 

What’s great about Freeze Dried  Cherry?

- Nutritional values remain intact
- Same Flavour, aroma, colour 
- 100% natural: Nothing added no preservatives

Features of Freeze Dried  Cherry?

---crispy, low calorie, zerofat.

---not fried, not puffed, no artificial coloring, no preservatives or other additives

---no gluten

---no added sugar(contains only fruit natural sugar)

---retain perfectly the nutrition facts of fresh fruits.

Nutrition of Cherry:

Raw cherry provide little nutrient content per 100 g serving. Dietary fiber and vitamin C are present in moderate content while other vitaminsand dietary minerals each supply less than 10% of the Daily Value per serving, respectively.

*Product Specification of Freeze Dried Cherry 

* Drying Process: Freeze Drying (FD)

* Place of Origin: China

* Moisture: ≤5%

* Purity: 100%

* Shape: Whole/Dices/Powder…

* Shelf Life: 24 months

* Material: Fresh Cherry

* Packaging: PE bag + carton or according clients’ requirements

* MOQ: 500kgs


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